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For example,there is evidence that nitrogen is frequently the most likely limiting factor in tropical areas and Salvirzia rrzolesta responds to its availability by an increase in branching and other manifestations of rapid vegetative growth (Mitchell, 1970). Most of the Central European lakes are also well known examples of eutrophicated lakes in the temperate zone. Mitchell (1969,1970,in press b) has shown that the quantity of Salvirzia riiolesta on Lake Kariba was reduced by the physical effect of wave action and river floods which developed when the lake reached its full capacity,The presence of some form of anchorage which prevents floating plants from being moved by wind or water current is also important and the gradual breakdown of partially submerged trees on Lake Kariba is bringing about a reduction in the quantities ofSalvinia.

The ducks forage on a wide range of aquatics, but the coots depend heavily on the submerged plant,Nujas pecfinu&z (Watson,Singh &Parker,1970). Coypu are also common in the Norfolk reed swamps in Britain where they feed on shoots and rhizomes of Plirugmites, Glyceriu and Typhu (Lambert, 1946). Other mammals in certain regions will graze on macrophytes. These include cattle,pigs, goats, sheep,beaver, deer, moose, porcupine, musk-rat, hippopotamus, manatee and dugong (Sculthorpe, 1967). The cultivation of certain aquatics for food is,however,important and is discussed in Chapter 7.

J. This change involved the appearance of 21 species new to the area, and a disappearance of 3 species. Salvinia did support a large predator population (10species) in the dissected leafmass which hangs down under the floating leaves. Again, these are results which seem correlated with the shading effects of floating macrophytes. During this transition many organismsare affected, including the macrophytes themselves. One can see this reflected in the nutrition of species growing in the new habitat.

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