Download Apache Oozie: The Workflow Scheduler for Hadoop by Mohammad Kamrul Islam, Aravind Srinivasan PDF

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By Mohammad Kamrul Islam, Aravind Srinivasan

Get an excellent grounding in Apache Oozie, the workflow scheduler process for handling Hadoop jobs. With this hands-on consultant, skilled Hadoop practitioners stroll you thru the intricacies of this strong and versatile platform, with various examples and real-world use cases.

Once you place up your Oozie server, you’ll dive into options for writing and coordinating workflows, and how one can write advanced information pipelines. complicated subject matters aid you deal with shared libraries in Oozie, in addition to how you can enforce and deal with Oozie’s protection capabilities.
- set up and configure an Oozie server, and get an outline of uncomplicated concepts
- trip in the course of the global of writing and configuring workflows
- learn the way the Oozie coordinator schedules and executes workflows in line with triggers
- know the way Oozie manages information dependencies
- Use Oozie bundles to package deal numerous coordinator apps right into a info pipeline
- find out about safety features and shared library management
- enforce customized extensions and write your individual EL services and actions
- Debug workflows and deal with Oozie’s operational info

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