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Corresponding functions are called with the same interface, with one exception. The exception is that a trap may return a null string. When a trap returns a null string, the corresponding Config_ function is invoked; otherwise the invocation of the trap replaces the potential invocation of the Config_ function. In the rest of this standard, the trapping mechanism is not shown explicitly. It is implied by the use of a Config_ function. The names of the traps are – Trap_Command; – Trap_ExternalRoutine; – Trap_Push; – Trap_Queue; – Trap_Pull; – Trap_Queued; – Trap_Trace_Query; – Trap_Trace_Input; – Trap_Trace_Output; – Trap_Default_Input; – Trap_Default_Output; 23 ANSI X3J18-199X – Trap_Initialization; – Trap_Termination; – Trap_Halt_Query; – Trap_Halt_Reset.

3 API_Drop Syntax: API_Drop(Symbol) where: Symbol is a symbol. Semantics: Drop the variable identified by Symbol. 1. 4 API_SetDirect Syntax: API_SetDirect(Symbol, Value) where: Symbol is a direct symbol. Value is the string whose value is to be assigned to the variable. Semantics: 25 ANSI X3J18-199X Assign the value of Value to the variable identified by Symbol. 5 API_ValueDirect Syntax: API_ValueDirect(Symbol) where: Symbol is a direct symbol. Semantics: Return the value of the variable identified by Symbol.

When the matching subject does not include a '–' the value is the value of the number in the match, otherwise the value is the value of the expression (0 – number). The test: datatype(Subject , 'W') is a test that the Subject matches that syntax and also has a value that is "whole", that is has no non-zero fractional part. 7, Subject This possibility is implied by the uses of DATATYPE and not shown explicitly in the rest of this section 7. 1 Variables The values of variables are held in variable pools.

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