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By Ya'nan Wang, Puning Hao, Ting Liu, Juan Zhao, Yu Fang

Gathering contributions through major social improvement students, this file deals a complete description of the nationwide improvement of cultural intake in China. by way of evaluating the yearly development of cultural intake, GDP development, per-capita source of revenue development and discount rates development, the authors demonstrate the disparity among city and rural parts by way of cultural intake, in addition to that among provinces. according to an research of the established order of cultural intake in China, the booklet explores the line to a filthy rich society and embellishing China’s cultural development.

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In a “positive correlation”, this degree of correlation does not count as high, but in a “negative correlation”, this degree of correlation is quite high. The correlation coefficient for this pair of data shows the degree of growth synchronization between money left over after urban and rural citizens’ “essential consumption” and “Non-Essential” non-material and cultural consumption. The calculations in Fig. 4 include the omitted years, and in the list of years on the graph it can be seen that, from 2000 to 2006, on the curved lines of growth in national urban and rural per capita cultural consumption and accumulated savings, there is an almost perfect inverse relationship.

As the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period began, the national urban and rural index dropped significantly, basically bottoming out in 2011. This shows that China’s continued implementation in recent years of the “stimulating domestic demand, expanding consumption, and improving the people’s livelihood” strategies has been shown to have an effect on actually accomplishing the increase in national urban and rural cultural consumption demand. 5 1 The Overall Status Evaluation of China’s Cultural Consumption Demand.

3 Coordination Between National Urban and Rural and Regional Cultural Consumption Over 21 Years This study’s uniquely designed assessment detects the coordination of growth between urban and rural cultural consumption demand, and also detects the coordination of regional growth in cultural consumption demand. By then placing national urban and rural cultural consumption demand growth in the context of coordination with the growth in urban and rural areas, and across regions, we can also see comparable conditions and warning trends, which are useful for progressing with analysis and assessment.

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