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By Brad Dayley, Brendan Dayley

In precisely a little while, you could research the fundamentals of the JavaScript language, jQuery library, and AngularJS framework, and the best way to use them to construct well-designed, reusable parts for net applications.

As you whole the teachings during this e-book, you'll achieve a pragmatic knowing of ways to supply wealthy consumer interactions on your web content. you'll how you can upload dynamic code that permits web content to right away react to mouse clicks and finger swipes, engage with back-end providers to shop and retrieve info from the internet server, and create powerful net applications.

Step-by-step directions rigorously stroll you thru the commonest internet program improvement tasks
Practical, hands-on examples assist you to practice what you learn
Quizzes and routines assist you attempt your wisdom and skills

Learn how to…
Create robust, hugely interactive single-page internet applications
Leverage AngularJS’s leading edge MVC method of internet development
Use JavaScript in smooth frameworks
Implement JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS jointly in internet pages
Dynamically adjust web page parts within the browser
Use browser occasions to engage with the consumer directly
Implement client-side providers that have interaction with net servers
Integrate wealthy consumer interface parts, together with zoomable photographs and expandable lists
Enhance consumer adventure by means of developing AngularJS templates with integrated directives
Bind person interface components and occasions to the knowledge version so as to add flexibility and help extra strong interactivity
Define customized AngularJS directives to increase HTML’s capabilities
Build dynamic browser perspectives to supply richer consumer interaction
Create customized companies you could combine into many AngularJS applications
Develop a well-structured code base that’s effortless to reuse and hold

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Property names can be any strings, though, not just those that are valid variable names. The first statement creates an object in which the property "color" refers to the string "gray", the property "name" to the string "Spot", and the property "size" to the number 46. The second statement gives the property named size a new value, which is done in the same way as modifying a variable. Trying to read a nonexistent property gives the value undefined. The keyword delete is used to cut off properties.

And a binary operator applied to two expressions, or a unary operator applied to one, is also an expression. Using these rules, you can build up expressions of arbitrary size and complexity. ) There exists a unit that is bigger than an expression. It is called a statement. A program is built as a list of statements. pdf 28 Chapter 1 12/9/2010 1:03:08 PM semicolon (;). The simplest kind of statement is an expression with a semicolon after it. false; It is a useless program, though. An expression can be content to just produce a value, but a statement amounts to something only if it somehow changes the world.

Here is the code that computes 210 , using for instead of while: var result = 1; for (var counter = 0; counter < 10; counter = counter + 1) result = result * 2; result; → 1024 Note that even if no block is opened with a {, the statement in the loop is still indented two spaces to make it clear that it “belongs” to the line before it. pdf 36 Chapter 1 12/9/2010 1:03:08 PM Breaking Out of a Loop When a loop does not always have to go all the way through to its end, the break keyword can be useful.

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