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By Gocha R. Tsetskhladze

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1, 3, 7, and 9) or double (nos. 2, 8, 10, and 11) matrices. In the case of the latter, they were cut on the opposite sides of the mould (symmetric: nos. 2, 8, and 10) or on the contiguous sides (asymmetric: no. 1). 10 Therefore, we have a total of 15 matrices obtained from 11 moulds. On the whole, the moulds are well preserved: one matrix (no. 1) is whole; all the others are fragmentary. Even so, the purpose of the matrix could nearly be defined. Their condition is good, except for nos. 8 and 9, whose surface is quite worn, probably because of frequent use.

65 See Cutroni Tusa 1997 for a general discussion of the topic, based primarily on the evidence of Sicilian bronze hoards, and for an up-to-date bibliography. 55 36 STEFANO VASSALLO single bronzes found in the island’s native settlements from the Middle Bronze Age onwards. zo di Marco, n. , Giarrusso, R. and Montana, G. 1999: ‘Caratterizzazione mineralogico-petrografica di una matrice di fusione rinvenuta sul Colle Madore presso Lercara Friddi’. In Vassallo 1999a, 267–72. M. 1991: ‘Matrice di fusione della capanna XIV della Montagnola di Capo Graziano’.

26 Because of the difficulty of distinguishing the two types, see Albanese Procelli 1993, 95. Considering the small sizes of our matrices, we might rather suppose that they were javelins. 27 We cannot exclude the possibility that no. 11a may also be related to the same object, although, as already suggested, it is likelier to be a blade head. 28 Cf. what has been said about lance heads from Lipari in Moscetta 1988, 67. A suggested classification of the examples in Paolo Orsi Museum in Syracuse is in Albanese Procelli 1993, 92–96.

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