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By David Kalhous

An research of the early Přemyslid realm offers a chance for spotting the significance of other components excited by the formation of good social constructions within the early medieval regnum. The modern narrative emphasizes the significance of violence, the place the Přemyslid princes and their robust retinues imposed princely will on elites and freemen in Bohemia and Moravia. even if, our recognition additionally turns to the complex facts of assumed strong cavalry armies and the significance of communique among prince, elites and church, a little bit problematizing the function of violence because the fundamental software of governance.
Furthermore, an research of “otherness” in Saxon chronicles and a comparability of other traditions of St. Wenceslas and nice Moravia be sure the significance of the “Identitätsbildung”-process and “ideology” as stabilising elements within the new Přemyslid regnum.

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1, Gallien (Cologne: Böhlau, 1975). The idea of the continuity of the Roman fortifications has been recently supported by archaeological research, see Monika Porsche, “Römische Stadtmauern im Früh- und Hochmittelalter in Süd- und Westdeutschland,” in Zwischen Römersiedlung und mittelalterlicher Stadt: Archäologische Aspekte zur Kontinuitätsfrage, edited by Sabine Felgenhauer-Schmiedt, Alexandrine Eibner and Herbert Knittler, Beiträge zur Mittelalterarchäologie in Österreich 17 (Vienna: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Mittelalterarchäologie, 2001), 103–115.

This hypothesis is believed to be probably the most significant argument in favour of the concept. , n. 36, 137–138. Nevertheless, 19 a non-state retinue-based polity in central europe? 28 An essentially similar idea of the expanding realm, which soon collapses and is subsequently rebuilt on an altered basis in an attempt to use the limited space in a more effective manner, has recently been presented by Josef Žemlička. 29 Fortified settlements played a significant role within the abovementioned concept, too.

These conclusions ignited criticism, see Třeštíkand Žemlička, “O modelech vývoje,” 136–139, who—like, for Poland, Karol Modzelewski, “Grody i dwory w gospodarce polskiej monarchii wczesnofeudalnej, 1: Osady slużebne a dwory książęce,” KwHKM 21 (1973): 3–34; Karol Modzelewski, “Grody i dwory w gospodarce polskiej monarchii wczesnofeudalnej, 2: Gospodarcze funkcje organizacji grodowej,” KwHKM 21 (1973): 157–188—believe that castles were primary central places and estates had economic functions only.

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