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By Julia Quinn

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Sophie's gentleman had the grace to blush. " Sophie looked from one man to the other. Even under their demi-masks, it was more than obvious that they were brothers, and she realized in a blinding flash that they must be the Bridgerton brothers, and this must be their house, and— Oh, good Lord, had she made a total and utter fool of herself by asking him how he knew of a private terrace? But which brother was he? Benedict. He had to be Benedict. Sophie sent a silent thank-you to Lady Whistledown, who'd once written a column completely devoted to the task of telling the Bridgerton siblings apart.

He twirled her in circles and spirals around the terrace, slowly at first, then picking up speed, until she was breathless and giddy. And all the while, her eyes remained locked on his. " he asked. " she said, laughing. " Her eyes widened with excitement. " His hands tightened, and the space between them diminished by several inches. " he asked. Sophie stumbled, but she never took her eyes off his. "My soul," she whispered. " He stopped dancing. " he whispered. She held silent. The moment seemed too charged, too meaningful, and she was afraid she'd spoil it.

He mused. "I tend to disagree. " Her eyes widened under her mask. Benedict took some satisfaction in that. He crossed his arms. " She nodded. " He raised a brow. "What if you removed your mask? " She pushed herself away from the railing and took a few steps toward the center of the terrace. " He followed her. "I didn't think you would. " Sophie turned around, then caught her breath as she realized he was mere inches away. She'd heard him following her, but she hadn't thought he was quite that close.

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