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By Errol E. Harris

From the Preface:
The objective of this observation is to render Hegel’s good judgment intelligible to the uninitiated and to dispel the varied misconceptions that have collected round it and round Hegel's philosophy in general. No try out has been made to track traditionally the advance of the good judgment via its quite a few models, or to provide a biographical account of Hegel’s philosophical improvement. This has been performed by way of different writers with whom i've got no wish to compete. My item has been basically to understand the kernel of Hegel’s idea and to penetrate, as far as i will be able to, the obscurities of his writing, in addition to, the place priceless and doable, to provide an explanation for and kind out a few obvious anomalies within the association of the fabric.

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5 Robin Smith (1995, p p. 43– 44) explains like this: ‘Aristotle tacitly employs certain assumptions about the existential import of terms. T he simp lest way to preserve his re sults is to sup pose that all terms have existential import (in which case the syllogistic can be interpreted as a theory of the relations of non-empty classes). g. g. ‘Callias’. Aristotle forgets that a non-universal term need not be singular, for it may be empty, like the term ‘goat-stag’ cited by himself a few chapters before.

V. 2011 39 CHAPTER 4 middle terms or the reason why actually through immediates). Of accidentals which do not belong to things in themselves in the way in which things belonging in themselves were defined, there is not demonstrative understanding. For one cannot prove the conclusion from necessity; for it is possible for what is accidental not to belong – for that is the sort of accidental I am talking about.... Since in each kind what belongs to something in itself and as such belongs to it from necessity, it is evident that scientific demonstrations are about what belongs to things in themselves, and depend on such things.

We can require, for example, that whenever we want to convert ‘some B is necessarily A’ then 43 CHAPTER 4 whatever we choose as our B must be a red term. If the B term is red, then the passage from (7) to (8) will be valid. The restriction blocks out the possibility of counterexamples such as (4)(5). Such counter-examples cannot arise because the restriction prevents the choice of an accidental, green, B term such as ‘mover’. The restriction we are considering is a restriction on the subject term of any proposition that acts as the input to modal conversion.

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