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By W. Bainbridge

This booklet demonstrates ideas of Ancestor Veneration Avatars (AVAs), by means of working avatars in response to 11 deceased individuals of 1 kinfolk via ten hugely assorted digital worlds from the violent Defiance to the highbrow Uru: Myst on-line, from the early EverQuest to the new Elder Scrolls Online.

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3 Will gave an author’s name, Dr. W. W. 4 Will refrained from proclaiming his own Christian faith, allowing his readers to infer it, but aware that their own beliefs might be somewhat different from his own. The “Night” chapter of Life’s Day contains another definition: death is the price human beings must pay for their complexity. It is difficult to think of a more profound idea than this, and it comes not from Christianity but from the scientific revolution that was already some decades advanced a century ago.

On the game’s map, he could see five red icons representing arkfalls, within a larger red circle maybe a mile across. This was a cluster of falls, of a sort he would see many times in his future. He rode his off-trail vehicle to one of the five arkfalls, where he and a score of other players destroyed one meteor while battling alien hellbugs of various kinds. Once all five minor falls had been eliminated, a huge one appeared to which all the players rushed, where they battled bugs of many kinds, primarily a gigantic Mature Hellbug Hellion whose death ended the mission.

Of course, Star Trek Online was based on a television series, but one that had concluded years earlier. The game version of Defiance launched two weeks before the television series in April 2013. The game was produced by Trion Worlds, the same company that produced a very high-quality game named Rift, that I had earlier explored, and the television program was produced by SyFy, the science fiction cable network. Frankly, the MMO was a risky endeavor in many ways, and may not have been quite ready when it launched on a schedule determined by the television program.

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