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By Yulluna Land Aboriginal Corporation

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T 1-- p . ,_,__ AN ~ H IM A R A ~ IL R R U "T H U u K A IN IG K u ~ "K ''RA I N IT I Hu I T L_ J! --,_!. I R 'T A I "R u A '--- N G K A Fire, Cooking and F(ora Word 1. Scra~f>(e 14. HIPNT 2. 15. AGATANKY JAKINTLAR a ar kint ------- 16. 17. 4. TURGINN 5. mixture of tobacco and ash, for chewing HKAHTUUARMTR m u r r k u t 6. mountain gum HITLIARRIM h a t h a 18. __.!!!... _ _l_ __!!! _ ~ 9. _ _ LAPNGUUY 10. conkerberry lU PLU PM LU U k i r -- IIRK 20. _~ _r__r___ 22. I!.. ___ .!!!... I!.. £... £...

_ fruit sp. gidgea ITYNGNAAMA RKPRAHUAUTA stick leaves 7. AAPKN firewood yam 3. AANGK beer, rum stick thu rr u n -------ra tucker, vegetable food charcoal m u k u r u 27. UARTTRPUAP 28. RUGAN 29. JPURATRU 30. _ 40. ___ 41 . _ - ~ 42. PIUKKA u 43. ATAJALK h u 44. ARKMARI 45. URAPLTHRU water, rain mountain gum wild orange smoke grass (generic) t h a k u t k a r n i I TKUHU AKNIR UURRLJPUT pu tiurru m a t i a 46. 34. AJMAT 35. pitcheri (Duboisia hopwoodii) Y i n UKYRIPIUNT 47. i k u r t u RRIWA 9 u w a r n 38.

If your mother's father is a pathingu, he would have married a marinangu wife as your grandmother. She would be in the malyarra moiety; he would be wutharru. Your mother - her daughter - would be a thunpuyungu, and so you wou ld be of the marinangu section and malyarra moiety, like your grandmother. 2. Your mother's brother would be in the same section as your mother, as siblings of your grandmother; they would be kangilangu. Their mother would be pathingu (the same as you are, and in the same wutharru moiety) and their father would be marinangu BirdS' Word ScraMf>(e J N N I H C 1.

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