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By David Murray Schneider

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A judge is a member of the court, which is part of government and the law, while the priest is a member of a church, which is the domain of religion. Different elements are blended together to make up the definition of the person, but such elements must make up a unit defined as doing something playing a role in real life. The policeman is a man. He acts to maintain law and order. He must know the law to do his job though the policeman is certainly not a lawyer nor is the lawyer a policeman. He must know how to read and write and be able to issue a legal sum" , , , , 57 58 A Relative is a Person A Relative Is a Person mons for infractions of the law where this is appropriate, though know- ing how to read and write hardly makes a man a policeman.

Enduring, diffuse solidarity or love, in its most general sense in Amer, ican culture is doing what is good for or right for the other person wrong. | sign that something more is wrong as well, that love is no longer where it should be. For adultery is treated as an act of disloyalty and betrayal in a way that can be understood only if the act is something much more than merely an event of sexual intercourse. It means that the spouse is not I loved; it means that the love which should be exclusive to the married i couple has been given to someone who has no right to it; it means that | the very essence of the spiritual relationship between a man and wife I , with- out regard for its effect on the doer.

If a person is seen with a stranger in a compromising position-per - haps they are seen kissing-one may offer the explanation that the other is a kissin cousin. That is, though he is not recognized as being a relative by the observer, the kiss is explained as being one of kinship and not to be otherwise interpreted. , , tions. 72 A Relative Is a Person A Relative Is a Person The Famous Relative is important because he stands out clearly against a fading groundwork of disappearing kinsmen. The blood connection can be traced to him, or is presumed to obtain.

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