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By Tim Taylor

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From the NW of the Peiraieus. Date: 410-400 BC. A young woman sits in right profile on a chair with coverlet, her feet resting on a low footstool. A kalathos is placed below her seat. She wears a peplos and has a 318 ANGELIKI KOSMOPOULOU The inscription is carved in very large letters between the recessed panel and the crown: 'APT E t Lol'a Bibliography:IG ii2 10o840; Conze i. 16 no. 40; pl. 276 no. I. 246; Scholl 1996, 304 no. 307; pl. 22. W2. Berlin, Pergamonmuseum, Antikensammlung K23 Stele with large pedimental crown.

From Menidi (ancient Acharnai). Mid-fourth century BC. The relief shows a dexiosis between a seated and a standing woman in the presence of four children. In the centre of the panel, the matronly Antiphile stands in a three-quarter pose to the right, her weight supported on her straight left leg. She wears a chiton and a mantle that is drawn over the back of her head as a veil, covering her shoulders, arms, back, and lower body, encircling the waist and terminating over her left side. Her right hand is outstretched, meeting that of the seated woman opposite her.

8; Fragiadakis 1988, 137 no. 31, 138; Clairmont 1993, iii. 351 no. 429 a; Scholl 1996, 265 no. 149. N9. Athens, Agora Museum I 65o8 Upper part of incised stele, crowned by a plain pediment with central and side acroteria. pr. H. 295 m. N8. Athens, National Museum 1021 Tall stele with sunken relief panel. The shaft is crowned by an elaborate carved anthemion, showing From the Athenian Agora (north-east end of the Middle Stoa). Date: third quarterof the fourth century BC. At left, the wet-nurse, dressed 252 Clairmont, loc.

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