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By Bogdan Brinzarea-Iamandi; Audra Hendix; Cristian Darie

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Here is the upgraded version of createXmlHttpRequestObject. "); else return xmlHttp; } If this code looks a bit scary, rest assured that the functionality is quite simple. 0 ActiveX object. 0 object, and so on. This continues until one of the object creation attempts succeeds. xmlHttp) to ensure that we stop looking for new prog IDs after the object has been created, effectively interrupting the execution of the for loop. Initiating server requests using XMLHttpRequest After creating the XMLHttpRequest object, you can do loads of interesting things with it.

Time for action – playing with JavaScript and the DOM In keeping with the time-honored beginning example of Hello World! output, we're going to use the DOM to display a nice Hello, world! on the web page (unless you execute it between 10 pm and 5 am, in which case it will nag you with You should go to sleep). We'll start by creating our folders and then creating the necessary files. All exercises from this book assume that you've installed your machine as shown in the Appendix. 1. Create a folder called javascript in your ajax folder.

AJAX combines client-side and server-side functionality to enhance the user experience of your site. The XMLHttpRequest object is the key element that enables the client-side JavaScript code to call a page on the server asynchronously. This chapter was intentionally short and probably has left you with many questions— that's good! Be prepared for a whole book dedicated to answering questions and demonstrating lots of interesting functionality! [ 34 ] JavaScript and the AJAX Client We hope that the first chapter has whetted your appetite for AJAX enough and you're now ready to take on a second chapter packed with even more theory and exercises.

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