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By R. E. G. Davies

Книга 1992 года рассказывает, начиная с возникновения, о самой большой на тот момент авиакомпании в мире, летавшей почти исключительно на самолетах отечественного производства.

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Fohn Stroud) Ilyushin 11-14 32 SEATS. 3S0km/h (217mph) Shvetsov ASh-82T (2 x 1,900hp) • MTOW 17,SOOkg (38,S80Ib) • Normal Range 1,SOOkm (930mi) The improved version of the Ilyushin Il-12, the Ilyushin 11-14, went into service on 30 November 1954. Although modified, the fuselage was substantially the same as its predecessor's and passenger accommodation was unchanged because of its inability to carry a theoretical load of 40 passengers. , consisting mostly of bureaucrats serving the vast territory and military men visiting their regiments, was still dissipated over hundreds of sparsely-patronized routes.

In an amiable mood, the designer o(the ANT-25, Andrei Tupolev, and Chkalov's co-pilot, Georgy Baidukov, meet at Moscow airport in 1975. With them is General Bykov, Deputy Minister o( Aviation. (photos: Boris Vdovienko) I" Valely Chkalov, pilot o(the first trans-Polar flight 0(1937. Sigismund Levanevskiy, pilot o( the third, and tragic attempt to fly across the NO/th Pole in 1937. GeOlgy Baidukov ((rant), pictured here with Gramov, was Chkalov's co-pilot. The ANT-25 crew that flew from Moscow to Cali(ornia in 1937 (left to right) Danilin, Gramov, and Yumarshov.

The supreme accolade was perhaps awarded by the Germans themselves: the reward of 2,000 marks paid for downing a Po-2 was twice that paid for a fighter aircraft. After the war, in a close analogy to the 'swords into ploughshares' metaphor, when squadrons of Polikarpovs were deployed from battlefields to arable fields, they were to be seen everywhere, crop-spraying and crop-dusting; and they became such an essential part of the agricultural scene that they were called Kukuruzhniks. Freely translated, this 40 might be 'Little Cornhuskers' and was a mark of their continuing usefulness other than as a basic trainer, in which Aeroflot pilots first won their wings.

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