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By Florian Kohlbacher, Michael Prieler

Inhabitants getting older is a robust megatrend affecting many nations world wide. This demographic shift has large results on societies, economies and companies, and hence additionally for the ads undefined. ads within the getting older Society offers an perception into ads practitioners and shoppers in Japan.

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All Marketers are Liars (with a New Preface): The Underground Classic That Explains How Marketing Really Works--and Why Authenticity Is the Best Marketing of All

Seth Godin's 3 crucial questions for each marketer:
"What's you tale? "
"Will the folk who have to pay attention this tale think it? "
"Is it real? "

All agents inform tales. And in the event that they do it correct, we think them. We think that wine tastes greater in a $20 glass than a $1 glass. We think that an $80,000 Porsche is drastically more desirable to a $36,000 Volkswagen that's nearly an identical motor vehicle. We think that $125 shoes make our toes suppose better--and glance cooler--than a $25 model. And believing it makes it real.

As Seth Godin confirmed during this debatable ebook, nice dealers don't speak about beneficial properties or maybe advantages. as an alternative, they inform a story--a tale we wish to think, even if it's genuine or now not. In a global the place most folks have an enormous variety of offerings and no time to lead them to, each association is a marketer, and all advertising and marketing is set telling tales.

dealers prevail once they let us know a narrative that matches our worldview, a narrative that we intuitively embody after which proportion with our buddies. think about the Dyson vacuum cleanser, or Fiji water or the iPod.

yet pay attention: in case your tales are inauthentic, you pass the road from fib to fraud. dealers fail once they are egocentric and scurrilous, once they abuse the instruments in their alternate and make the area worse. That's a lesson realized the not easy manner via telemarketers, cigarette businesses, and sleazy politicians.

yet for the remainder of us, it's time to include the facility of the tale. As Godin writes, "Stories enable you to comprehend the realm. tales are the single means we all know to unfold an idea. agents didn't invent storytelling. they only perfected it. "

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400). Namba (2002) writes that already in the 1990s the trend of atmospheric advertisements had ended and was followed by serialized advertisements. Such changes can also be seen in recent research. 7% in 2007) in Japan. 4% in 2007). That advertising is steadily changing is shown very well in a study that compared print advertisements from 1978 and 2005 (Okazaki & Mueller, 2008) in which the authors found that Japanese advertisements have become more direct and persuasive, while US Characteristics of Japanese Television Advertising 31 advertisements have become more benefit-oriented, with a softer touch.

2009). 4% are of other lengths (based on Nikkei Kokoku Kenkyujo, 2010). Characteristics of Japanese Television Advertising 33 Why do 15-second advertisements predominate? Many Japan experts and advertising executives explain the brevity of these advertisements in terms similar to those used to explain the usage of soft-selling, connecting it to Japan’s being a high-context culture and to Japanese fondness for short forms, like haiku (a very short form of Japanese poetry). It is said that the Japanese understand one another without many words or much explanation (for a discussion, see Mooney, 2000).

In order to acknowledge possible differences between the 50–64 and the 65+ age group, we have followed the accepted way of splitting our samples into these age groups. This was confirmed by publications of major Japanese agencies (Dentsu Senior Project, 2007; Hakuhodo, 2003), our interviews and the pre-test, as well as marketing research in Japan (Kohlbacher & Chéron, 2012; Murata, 2012). In many cases, 65 also marks the time of transition into retirement, an important phase in a person’s life, which also makes itself useful for segmentation purposes (Burnett, 1989; Kohlbacher, 2011).

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