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Then, in meditation, after coming out of nirvikalpa samadhi, i heard the tones of the svadish†hana, the anahata and the ajna chakras. Within two hours, out of my inner mind came the script, the basic alphabet of eighteen sounds, the syntax as well as some of the basic vocabulary, like simshumbisi, vumtyêudi, karehana. The first word to be uttered was Shum. shum now names the mystical language of meditation. as fast as i could, i wrote it all down and ran downstairs to one of the monks, shouting, “i have it!

It later began to unfold within me from him, then from his guru and then from his guru’s guru. this is how the spiritual power in a line of gurus is transferred and increased. indd 44 Gurudeva’s spiritual Visions 9/27/09 4:46 PM 45 Chapter 5 the Golden body With orders from his guru to start teaching only when he turned 30 years old, Subramuniya returned to America and enjoyed the mystical aftermath of his realization of the Self. In 1956, Subramuniya migrated north into the pure mountains of Colorado that are today the refuge of seekers and modernday mendicants.

I was used to being told what to do by my six teachers on the path, so i was happy to have this positive instruction. after i left my guru’s presence, everyone started relating to me differently. on the second visit with my guru, we had a beautiful time together, just meditating and enjoying a beautiful flow. Many people came and he had grape juice made for me. on the third visit, we had a beautiful conversation about the path. then, as i was leaving his ashram and he was seeing me out, he gave me the hardest slap on the back that i had ever felt from anybody.

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