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By Arnold S. Marfunin

This quantity of complicated Mineralogy encompasses six diverse components having positive factors in universal: they're on the topic of one of many biggest businesses of the second one 1/2 this century; and signify the final word and ultimate extension of the concept that of mineral topic. - knowing mineral topic in area is without doubt one of the primary reasons of cosmic exploration. This contains the result of compa­ rative planetology, lunar epopee, refined meteorite stories (now greater than 500 meteorite minerals), discovery of the interstellar mineral dirt forming a few 60 trillion of earth plenty within the Galaxy, and terrestrial effect crater stories. it really is attainable now to talk of mineralogy of the Universum, and the mineralogical kind of the states of subject within the Universe. Direct samples of mantle xenoliths and ultrahigh pressure-tem­ perature experiments give the chance to contemplate the mineral­ ogical composition of the Earth as an entire, together with the higher an reduce mantle and the Earth's center. Deep ocean drilling courses, a systematic fleet of 1000's of vessels and several other submersibles have led to nice dis­ coveries within the geology, metalogeny, and mineralogy of the sea ground the most important a part of the Earth's floor, particularly revealing new genetic, crystallochemical, and ore forms of min­ eral formation.

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Astron Soc Pacific, San Francisco, pp 133 -147 Herbig GH (1995) The diffuse interstellar bands. Annu Rev Astron Astrophys 33: 19 Hollenbach DJ, Thronson HA (eds) (1987) Interstellar processes. Reidel, Dordrecht, 807 pp Mathis JS (1990) Interstellar dust and extinction. Annu Rev Astron Astrophys 28 : 37 - 70 Mathis JS, Rumpl W, Nordsieck KH (1977) The size distribution of interstellar grains. AstrophysJ217:425-433 Whittet DC (1992) Dust in the galactic environment. Institute of Physics, London, 295 pp Wynn-Williams CG (1992) The fullness of space.

The models of Saturn are constructed as those for Jupiter. The Jupiter-like two-layered molecular envelopes models of Uranus and Neptune are shown in Fig. 13. The Evolution of Giant Planets The present general hypothesis is that the embryos of the GPs first formed by accumulation planetesimals. These embryos later gravitationally accreted their gaseous envelopes from the solar nebula. The primary cores are formed by accumulation of rocky and ice planetesimals. If the core mass has reached some critical value, it is capable of concentrating and capturing a gaseous envelope.

136Xe) with respect to solar Xe. This Xe-HL in the diamond phase carrier must have been formed by nuc1eosynthesis processes. The grains of diamond are sited in a fine-grained matrix, and their abundance in chondrites reflects mainly the degree of metamorphism undergone. %). %. 3 Interstellar Diamond 19 Interstellar diamond has been isolated from chondrites by corrosive chemical reagents (HCl, HF, K1Cr10 7 , HCl0 4). The isolation of most pure diamond grains is based on their tendency to form a colloid at pH 2': 5 due to the presence of COOH groups at the micro diamond surface.

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