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By Chuck Easttom

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It is surprisingly simple to do the conversion with a pencil and a piece of paper. , 2 for binary, 8 for octal, 16 for hexadecimal). Write down the remainder. Now do the same with the quotient, writing the new remainder to the left of that from the previous operation. Keep looping until the quotient is less than the target base. The following table shows the conversion of the decimal number 747 to a hexadecimal notation: Table 3-2. A base conversion example Operation and Integer Quotient 747 / 16 = 46 46 / 16 = 2 no operation Remainder (decimal) Remainder (hex) 11 14 2 B E 2 Take a look at the table’s far-right column.

You should use the standard HTML tags for line breaks (
) and paragraph breaks (

). The carriage return escape sequence creates a new line only in dialog boxes and text area objects. Most of the escape sequences act the same way. Do not expect them to format the look of the page, because layout relies solely on HTML. ' // Let's learn JavaScript... "line1\rline2" To see the effect of a carriage return character, try displaying the last string in an alert box. Operators Every programming language has operators.

A server-side JavaScript might pull data out of a relational database and format it in HTML on the fly. A page might contain JavaScript scripts that run on both the client and the server. Chapter 1 Introduction to JavaScript 6 n Chapter 1 Who Can Benefit from JavaScript? Generally speaking, the people who visit your web site benefit most from JavaScript, because they have the opportunity to enjoy the language’s capabilities in the form of games, animation, interaction, and so forth. Netscape Communications benefited from JavaScript early on, because it gave them a competitive advantage over other web browsers.

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