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By Mendel Cooper

This is often the full reference at the Borne back shell (bash). quantity 1Volume 2 includes all appendices.

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Full quoting [single quote]. 'STRING' preserves all special characters within STRING. This is a stronger form of quoting than "STRING". See Chapter 5. , comma operator. The comma operator [1] links together a series of arithmetic operations. All are evaluated, but only the last one is returned. 1 let "t2 = ((a = 9, 15 / 3))" 2 # Set "a = 9" and "t2 = 15 / 3" The comma operator can also concatenate strings. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 for file in /{,usr/}bin/*calc # ^ Find all executable files ending in "calc" #+ in /bin and /usr/bin directories.

1 var="-n" 2 echo $var 3 # Has the effect of "echo -n", and outputs nothing. previous working directory. A cd - command changes to the previous working directory. This uses the $OLDPWD environmental variable. Do not confuse the "-" used in this sense with the "-" redirection operator just discussed. The interpretation of the "-" depends on the context in which it appears. Minus. Minus sign in an arithmetic operation. = Equals. Assignment operator 1 a=28 2 echo $a # 28 In a different context, the "=" is a string comparison operator.

Plus. Addition arithmetic operator. In a different context, the + is a Regular Expression operator. + Option. Option flag for a command or filter. Certain commands and builtins use the + to enable certain options and the - to disable them. In parameter substitution, the + prefixes an alternate value that a variable expands to. % modulo. Modulo (remainder of a division) arithmetic operation. 1 let "z = 5 % 3" 2 echo $z # 2 In a different context, the % is a pattern matching operator. ~ home directory [tilde].

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