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By Reali P.

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Starting with 2003 data, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana, New York, and Wisconsin reported multiple-race data. The multiple-race data for these states were bridged to the single race categories of the 1977 Office of Management and Budget standards for comparability with other states. “Table 27. S. pdf (accessed November 21, 2006) SOURCE: In other words, female hemophiliacs were rare because the pairings that might produce them were infrequent. During the 1950s the first cases of hemophilia in females were documented, and the theory was discarded.

In this work Malthus put forth his hypothesis that unchecked population growth always exceeds the growth of the means of subsistence (the food supply needed to sustain it). In other words, if there were no outside factors stopping population growth, there would inevitably be more people than food. According to Malthus, actual population growth is kept in line with food supply growth by ‘‘positive checks,’’ such as starvation and disease, which increase the death rate, and ‘‘preventive checks,’’ such as postponement of marriage, which reduce the birthrate.

Because all egg cells contain an X chromosome, the determination of gender is wholly dependent on the chromosomal composition of the sperm. Sperm carrying the Y chromosome are known as androsperm; those containing the X chromosome are called gynosperm. If the sperm carries the Y chromosome, the offspring will be male (XY); if it carries an X chromosome, the offspring will be female (XX). The determination of gender occurs at conception with the designation of chromosomal composition that is either XX or XY.

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