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By Kamis Awang, Davis Taylor (eds)

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1992) provide opportunities for trcc brccdcrs to explore thc potential of difl'crent hybrid combinations in order to maximize genetic p i n s . The bi-clonal seed Acacia mangium Growing and Utilizafion orchard of A. mcrrlgircm and A. nrtricrtlifonnis in Sabah (Griffin et al. 1992) has produced some hybrid seeds. Mass production of hybrid plantlels through tissue cullufe has also shown promise (Darus 1992). suggesting that hybrid plantlel production could be accclcra~ed. Research is needed lo determine the optimum hybrid combinations and their silc specificily.

Revlsron of the extra-Australran specres of Acacia subg Heterophyllum. Contribution to the Queensland Herbariunr No. I 8. 1978. A rev~s'onofAcncia Mill. In Queensland. ):75-234 Perclval. S. 1965. FIornl Biology. Oxford: Pergamon Press. Ptulp. J. P. Shrny. 1946. Tlre degree of natural crossrng In Green Wattle (A. and ) r~s k w n g on Wattle hreedlng. J. S. Afnmn For. Assoc. 14:I-28. k e g e r . K.. A. M. Green. 1968. A Glossnq of Genrrrcs and Cyrogmerrrs. Berlrn: SpnngerVerlag. ~ rauncul~fonnrs .

I urnhull. W.. S. Martensz, antl N. Hall. 1986. Soles on lesser-known Australran trees and shruhs wllh potrnt~alfor fuelwood antl agroforesrry. In Mul~rpurprrseAusrraltnrr Trees a w l Shrubs: Irsser-know71 Species for FucIwo~xfc r d Agroforesrp. 'Af. urnhull; 8 1-313. Canhena: ACIAR. lurnhull. J. Skclton, M. B. ltardiyanto. 1983. Seed collections of tropical acacias in Indonesia. Papua S e w Gumea and Australra. Forest Ciene~lcKcsources lnformauon No. ; 2-15, Rome: FAO. Verdcourt. B. 1979. Mntrutrl of N r w Gurtten L P p m r s .

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