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By Lupo D., Payne K.R.

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The name Roycroft pays homage to the accomplishments of Samuel and Thomas Roycroft, seventeenth-century English bookbinders. Initially, he focused on publishing, after the model of 40 ◆ OHR, MASS MEDIA, AND SELF-PROMOTION Morris’s Kelmscott Press. Hubbard’s first and most successful publication was a monthly journal, the Philistine, which ran for twenty years, until his death. He also produced a great range of other profitable magazines and periodicals, including the Fra and Little Journeys. 15 The pages of the Philistine were filled with Hubbard’s prose and poetry.

Beautiful things produced by hired help, or servants . . 13 Though conceived of as a promotional gimmick, Ohr’s statement confronts enduring aesthetic issues, namely, the definition of art. ” Art is not simply something that is beautiful, since beautiful objects can be produced by factory workers, or “servants,” in bulk. The one-of-a-kind vessels Ohr creates are therefore art, and their value can’t be determined by size, labor, or material. Never specific about the monetary value of his pots, Ohr did perceive a OHR, MASS MEDIA, AND SELF-PROMOTION ◆ 39 clear link between pecuniary worth and artistic merit.

James McNeill Whistler was the cleverest of such self-advertisers. . The notorious “Fra Elbertus” of East Aurora has practiced similar advertising methods. . Mr. George E. 1 Hutson’s significant observation links Ohr to painter James McNeill Whistler and to Elbert Hubbard, founder of Roycroft. Both men were pivotal to the developing consumer culture of the late nineteenth century. Whistler 33 34 ◆ OHR, MASS MEDIA, AND SELF-PROMOTION helped create a distinctive persona for the creative “genius,” and Hubbard showed that art and craft could benefit from skillful use of promotional techniques.

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