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By Donald Fenna

This accomplished and authoritative dictionary presents transparent definitions of devices, prefixes, and kinds of weights and measures in the Systeme foreign (SI), in addition to conventional, and industry-specific devices. it is usually basic ancient and medical heritage, overlaying the advance of the sequential definitions and sizing of devices. This new reference paintings will end up priceless to specialist scientists, engineers, technicians in addition to to scholars and the final person.

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Table 8 US-C for dry goods dry pint 2 16 64 dry quart 8 32 peck 4 ... bushel 8 ... , the mass depending on the species and even variety of grain. These values are often set by statute, and reset from time to time. 237~kg) for oats. The USA also has the bushel of cement of 80 else 100 Ib. The BI bushel was identically 80 Ib for distilled water (see gallon). butt (pipe) A large bulk-measure cask, with established volumes and quantities for various commodities in historic marketplaces, = \ tun. BWG UK For steel wire, Birmingham Wire Gauge; see gauge.

Ni2). 001211737~in2). Clark [T. Clark; UK 1801-67] chemistry With reference to water hardness, see degree. classical electron radius See electron. clausius [fR. J. E. Clausius; Germany 1822-88] (rank) entropy Metric The kilocalories divided by the kelvin temperature. 002 in, but dependent on the scheme employed. e. '36' Ipso facto, this is equivalent to a normal business suit plus medium underwear and about a quarter of an inch of clothing. 54 tog). e. 3- (xW. cmHg pressure Centimetre of mercury (element Hg) = 10 mmHg.

U. u. system), which based all their units on mechanical equivalence, then, deriving from the former but with some base definitions of electric units, the f practical units and f international units. The gaussian system was a hybrid of the former pair. s. system is now obsolete. Base units were, for • • • • length: cm = centimetre: mass: g = gram: time: s = second: luminous intensity: cd = candela, originally new candle. s. s. unit 46 • mechanical impedance: mechanical ohm = dyn-cm^1 -s ( = 10~3 N-s-m^ 1 ); • pressure: barad= dyn-cm~ 2 = cm"1 -g-s 2 ( = 10"1Pa); • quantity of light: lumerg = cd-sr-s ( = llm -s); • specific acoustic impedance: rayl = dyn-s-crrr 3 ( = 10 N-s-rrr 3 ).

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