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By Frederick B. Churchill (auth.), Scott F. Gilbert (eds.)

"Glory to the technological know-how of embryology!" So Johannes Holtfreter closed his letter to this editor whilst he granted permission to post his article during this quantity. And glory there's: glory within the phenomenon of animals constructing their advanced morphologies from fertilized eggs, and glory within the efforts of a comparatively small crew of scientists to appreciate those really good occasions. Embryology is exclusive one of the organic disciplines, for it denies the hegemony of the grownup and sees price (indeed, extra worth) within the phases that lead as much as the totally constructed organism. It seeks the starting place, and never simply the upkeep, of the physique. And if embryology is the research of the embryo as obvious through the years, the heritage of embryology is a second-order by-product, seeing how the examine of embryos alterations over the years. As Jane Oppenheimer mentioned, "Sci­ ence, like existence itself, certainly like background, itself, is a ancient phenomenon. it might construct itself in simple terms out of its prior. " hence, there are numerous ways that embryology and the historical past of embryology are comparable. every one takes a present degree of a constructing entity and seeks to give an explanation for the trails that introduced it to its current . certainly, embryology was known as Entwicklungsgeschichte, the developmental historical past of the organism. either embryology and its background interpret the interaction among inner elements and exterior brokers within the causation of latest tactics and events.

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108-109; and 1832, Anatomisch-Philosophische Untersuchungen iiber den Kiemenappamt und das Zungenbein der Wirbelthiere, Eduard Frantzen, Riga und Dorpat. All these works are partly reproduced and translated in Adelmann, 1966. 48. , 1829, Untersuchungen iiber die Bildung und Entwickelung des Flusskrebses, L. Voss, Leipzig. 49. " Rathke, 1825c, quoted in Adelmann, 1966, Vol. IV, p. 1826. 50. von Baer, 1986, p. 237, makes a revealing comparison between his own and Rathke's style of research at the time he was writing critically of Burdach's treatment of his own contribution to the latter's Physiology: "...

9:1-28; Sloan, P. , 1986, has exhaustively detailed the importance of Richard Owen's presentation of German developmental biology for Darwin in "Darwin, vital matter, and transformism of species," J. Hist. Biol. 19:369-445. See also P. R Sloan, Richard Owen's Hunterian Lectures, 2 May-4 June, 1837, forthcoming; Gould, S. , 1977, Ontogeny and Phylogeny, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, pp. 69-74. Darwin attributed a story about confusing the early embryos of mammals, birds, and reptiles to Louis Agassiz.

3) The metanephros, or proper kidney, of amniotes is a caudal outgrowth of the primitive duct and assumes much of the same tubular appearance as the mesonephros. What makes the relationship of these three sets of kidneys complicated is that they rarely appear together in an easily identifiable sequence. Furthermore, as development progresses in certain fish, amphibians, and higher vertebrates, the segmental or primitive duct soon divides longitudinally into an easily recognized duct, known as the mesonephric or Wolffian duct and the thread-like Mullerian duct.

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