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By Dermott, Brigit

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A. prodigal means wasteful or extravagant; thrifty means thriving by industry and frugality 198. b. tacit means unspoken, or implied; dictated means spoken 45 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 199. d. to repudiate means to reject or deny, therefore to admit is the opposite 200. b. pristine means unspoiled or pure; sullied means spoiled or tarnished 201. b. to concede means to yield; to withstand means to successfully resist 202. d. to placate means to soothe or calm; to enrage means to anger 203.

B. c. d. remain home dwell sediment a. b. c. d. quiet sneaky lurking greedy a. b. c. d. scold push try punish 99. meld most nearly means endure hate attendance live a. b. c. d. 94. shrewd most nearly means a. b. c. d. relieve blend defend confuse 98. rail most nearly means 93. abide most nearly means a. b. c. d. vibrant glaring vicious pleasant 97. mitigate most nearly means 92. covetous most nearly means a. b. c. d. rancid praise hamper persist character distinction blend firmness 100. rally most nearly means intractable mean astute intelligent a.

C. d. 164. diffuse display trap paint hurry a. b. c. d. 159. zest a. b. c. d. gusto cram worry trial a. b. c. d. tired climb decrease bargain a. b. c. d. dormant recent effeminate desirable 167. wretched force block hinder discredit a. b. c. d. 162. throng a. b. c. d. lose loose despair check 166. latent 161. impel a. b. c. d. difficult scatter incomprehensible unplug 165. hinder 160. haggle a. b. c. d. bratty oppressive regal beautiful twisted forced miserable increased 168. irksome garment bell mass weight a.

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