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By Jack Goldstein

Arrr matey! Are you loaded to the gunwalls? have you learnt what Blackbeard’s send used to be referred to as? Which pirate ate a man’s middle? Who makes the checklist of the head ten pirates of all time?

All those proof and extra are available during this first-class quick-read consultant to pirates. no matter if you’re Henry Morgan himself, or simply a few unfortunate Jonah, this booklet containing over 100 evidence is bound to drift your boat. Land ahoy!

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For Eliot and Pound, I submit, they are the same thing. "49 Whether or not Lewis intended this to be a purely metaphorical description of Pound's historical sense is unclear; Pound himself will employ equally extravagant metaphors to describe his work, and whether or not they are to be taken literally also remains ambiguous. " 50 These are extravagant statements, but the question of Pound's psychic experiences is beside the point. The fact that he represents his historical sense with the tale of Isis gathering the limbs of Osiris or Odysseus reviving the ghost of Tiresias (rather than, say, George Eliot's Mr.

29 Pendrel's dilemma was the dilemma faced by the aging Henry James. It was also the dilemma faced by James's fellow expatriates, Eliot and Pound. "30 Pound and Eliot had this sense of the sense: they were occupied not only with the actual recollection of the past but with the process and methodology of that recollection. Their work forced them to think strenuously about the ontological status of history and the nature of historical understanding. The heart of Anglo-American literary modernism may be found in Pound's and Eliot's attempts to negotiate between several conflicting types of historicism, and discover a vitalizing attitude toward history.

Yea, I am homesick After mine own kind that know, and feel And have some breath for beauty and the arts. (CEP, 86) Pound needed to travel abroad to discover his own kind; in Europe he would "meet kindred e'en as I am, I Flesh-shrouded bearing the secret" (CEP, 86). Pound sought the living who bore the secrets of the dead. When he arrived in London, he found the secret in the person of 30 CHAPTER 1 W. B. Yeats. Pound had long admired and imitated Yeats's poetry and prose, but the very presence of the older poet took on a new significance.

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